I was wrongly charged for booking fee or surcharge

Please note that the actual meter fare may differ according to the traffic situation. Therefore, higher meter fare can be charged even when you’re traveling the same distance or time.

Was the journey that should have been canceled started?

If you see a journey that you didn’t use or if the journey has started without you on the app, please let us know through the link below

Did you accidentally pay a fare twice in app and in person?

If you paid in the vehicle to the driver in person right after the trip on an in-app payment trip, please let us know with the proof of in-person payment below.

Was the booking fee or surcharge wrongly charged?

Please note that additional booking fee will be charged when you request Green or Speed call taxis. Please note that higher meter fare might be charged when riding on a trip with city surcharge (occurs when traveling to another city) or night surcharge (occurs during certain hours at night).

Was the driver rude or unprofessional?

If you have any feedback about the driver, please contact us by clicking the link below