How Uber Travel works

Uber Travel organizes information about your upcoming travel plans. With Uber Travel, you can view your hotel, flight, and other travel-related reservations all in one place.

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Signing up for Uber Travel

  1. Open the app and tap the Travel icon.
  2. Follow the prompts to sign in to your email account and connect your Gmail or Microsoft account to your Uber account. Uber will only have access to your travel-related emails.

Once you’re set up, Uber Travel will be able to gather your trip information from your emails. Then you’ll be able to see each of your upcoming trips organized into itineraries. Each itinerary shows your flight, hotel, and other travel-related reservations for one of your upcoming trips. Where available, you’ll also be able to reserve rides between the different legs of your trip.

How it works

  • If your flight is changed, and you receive an email about the change, your itinerary will be adjusted automatically.
  • If you are being picked up from an airport, and the airline delays or cancels your flight, Uber will automatically adjust your pickup time or cancel your reservation. If you booked an Uber Reserve trip to be dropped off at an airport, you can cancel or rebook your Reserve rides at no charge for up to 60 minutes in the Uber App.

Uber Travel is available in selected countries. If Uber Travel is available in your city, you can find the “Travel” icon in your Uber app.

What are the Terms of Use for Uber Travel?

The Terms of Use for Uber Travel are the same as Uber’s general Terms of Use. Uber doesn’t have access to any of your emails that aren’t related to travel. For more details regarding the information we collect, how it is used and your choices, please refer to our Privacy Notice.