I have a duplicate charge

If there’s a charge of exactly $1 or that looks like an extra, go the the link below:

Did the trip start and end instead of being canceled?

If you didn’t take the trip you requested but the trip seems started, you can let us know below.

If you haven’t requested any trip at all but there’s a record, before contacting us, it’s a good idea to check with friends or family members who have access to your UT account or the payment method.

If there’s a charge that looks duplicate charge, make sure none of following apply:

  •  Is a friend or family member using your account?
  •  Is it a different trip that has a similar trip fare?
  •  It can be the fare on a previous trip that was recently updated. You can find the updated receipt in your email inbox.

If you paid in the vehicle to the driver in person right after the trip on a non-cash trip, please let us know with the proof of cash payment below.