How do promotions work?

Maximize your earnings and stay motivated while driving with UT’s various promotions. You can check out the current promotions available to you in the ‘Opportunities’ tab of the UT app menu. We also provide updates on the latest promotions via in-app messages and SMS.

Your payment for any promotion is made 1-2 weekly payment cycles after the promotion ends. For example, if a guarantee ran from Monday, May 2nd until Monday, May 9th, any earned guarantee would be processed and paid in your weekly statement on Tuesday, May 17th.

Promotions are noted as miscellaneous or other payment in your payment statement. If you did not meet the eligibility requirements for a promotion that you opted into, your payment statement would explain why.

If you haven’t been paid yet even though it’s past the usual payment cycle, please check below:

If you have any concerns, please let us know below: